Talent Recruitment 

Our professional recruitment service will help ensure you recruit the RIGHT PERSON to fill the RIGHT ROLE and is the RIGHT FIT for your business, team and culture. 

Why it is important to get recruitment right? 

The Harvard Business Review estimates that as much as 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hiring decisions. The Society for HR calculates that “the cost of a bad hire to an organisation is five times the bad hire's annual salary.” 
If you’ve experienced a bad hire, you will know how much time and effort can be wasted trying to make it work. Maybe you have been, or are, in the following situation? 
You tried to make it work but had to let the person go during probation. 
You didn’t use probation and are now trying to cope with / manage a poor performer. 
You are trying to get the candidate out of the business, but you it is not easy. 
A poor hire can disrupt the work of the business, impact on customers and other stakeholders, take an inordinate amount of time to manage and cost a lot of money. 
Most mistakes in recruitment arise from: 
Not advertising the job and picking just from CVs that come on spec and “giving them a go”. 
Not having a clear understanding or definition of the role you need to fill. 
Being too vague about the specific skills, experience and characteristics of the person you want to fill that role. 
Advertising in the wrong places and/or post an advertisement that doesn’t sell your company or the job enough to attract good quality candidates. 
The interview is not effective. You don’t ask the right questions to really test if your candidate has the competences, experience and characteristics you need. 
Reference Checks are either not done properly, or, are not done at all. 
If you apply real professionalism to your recruitment process you will greatly reduce the risk of making these mistakes and bringing a poor hire into your company. 

How can we save you money and add value to your recruitment? 

If we manage the recruitment process, you will avoid all of these errors and bring a rigor to your process that minimises the risk of recruiting the wrong person. We can: 
Work with you to develop a Job Description and Person Specification that ensures the role you recruit for is the one you really need to fill, and the candidate will have the skills to do it. 
Write an advertisement that will promote your company and attract good quality applicants. 
Screen applicants and present you with a shortlist of candidates that have the competence to do the job. 
Advise you about the best selection methods such as interviews, presentations, tests, reference checking etc. 
With us managing the process you, or your managers, won’t have to spend your precious time trawling through CVs of applicants that do not meet the criteria, or speaking to people who don’t meet your needs. We ensure your selection process is fair and complies with Employment Equality Legislation. 

About our Recruiters. How are we different from most Recruitment Agencies? 

Our Talent Recruiters are Human Resources professionals who have worked in companies like yours in all sectors and across all disciplines and have learned from recruiting thousands of employees over 30 years. 
We have developed and re-structured companies and designed jobs to meet specific business needs. 
We get to know your business, your goals, priorities, structures, culture, issues and skills requirements and help you to design the job specification and Advertisements that attract quality candidates that meet your needs. 
We can run the full recruitment campaign or, we can tailor our service to suit your needs. You can select whether you want us to manage the entire recruitment and selection process, or we can support you with specific elements of the process. 

What our clients say about our service. 

“Our business is essential and worked throughout covid with most our Team in the workplace. Using this service took all the pain of recruitment away, saved us time and ensured we got the right people with the right skills at the right time 
Our input was Giving a brief, signing off Job Descriptions and a final interview of 3 candidates, outside of this the full process was managed from advertising to Contract signing. This is a breath of fresh air in recruitment services, no ongoing costs, no hassle, problems solved. 
We shall continue using this service for our recruitment needs and have peace of mind it is being done following best practice. 
Joanne McKenna, Managing Director, PPL Biomechanics, Cork 
“DCK have previously managed recruitment in-house, advertising on jobs websites and screening and interviewing ourselves. This has brought mixed results but has been hugely time consuming. 
We found outsourcing this function to Pembroke Alliance very beneficial. Not only did it save us a great deal of time screening and communicating with unsuitable candidates, it was also a more professional experience for our business and for the candidates who applied for the jobs. 
The job descriptions that were advertised we’re concise and the pre-screening was excellent. As a result we could spend quality time focussing on quality candidates, all of whom were suitable for the jobs. 
We are very happy with the new employees that we have recruited from the process. They were able to get to work immediately and begin to add value to the business. I will have no hesitation in engaging with Pembroke for our next round of recruitment or recommending them to others." 
Kevin Murphy, Managing Director, DCK Communications, Dublin. 
“ As a small business we needed to get the right fit for our ongoing recruitment needs. When working with Caroline we were able to fill senior positions within the required timescales. This was due to the in-depth focus given to the process of recruitment for the roles required. Caroline had an excellent understanding of the right person for the job after taking the time to understand and know our business”  
Sheena Dunne, Leo Dunnes, Horticulture, Co. Laois. 

Recruitment and Selection Services Menu 

Our consultants can provide any, or all of the following services to support your recruitment needs: 
Assess the job requirements with the Hiring Manger, develop the Job Description and Person Specification to ensure that you are very clear what this person will be accountable for and what knowledge, experience, skills, competence and characteristics the right candidate needs to be successful in the role. 
Draft an attractive advertisement and post it in the main appropriate platforms. We will promote your brand and the opportunity for candidates in a way that attracts talented, high-calibre candidates. 
Run a salary survey to benchmark your proposed salary against the relevant market and advise on appropriate salary. 
Conduct an initial screening of the applicants against the basic criteria. 
Hold telephone/Zoom screening calls to assess suitability for the position and provide a shortlist for interview of those who are very close fit for your vacancy. This includes a report on each candidate shortlisted. 
Assist you in preparing the appropriate selection methods, e.g. interview, psychometric testing, ability or aptitude testing, 
Provide structured competence questions for interviews. 
Participate in the full internal interviews. 
Conduct reference checks. 
Negotiate contract terms. 
Provide and draft appropriate employment contracts. 
Administer psychometric tests and provide feedback to you and the candidates, plus guidance regarding relevant interview questions. 

Service Package Options 

a) Full Service 

Full Service – Full management and administration of the recruitment and selection process including all contact with the candidates. Includes all services listed above from 1 through to 11. This package includes weekly reports and details of progress, and of all candidates that applied for record purposes. 

b) Medium Service 

Medium Service – Supporting the recruiter through the development of job requirements and advertisement, full screening of candidates and preparation of a shortlist for interview, reference checking, contact with candidates up to interview stage. Includes weekly reports detailing progress and all candidates that applied. 1, 2, 4, 5 and 9. 

c) Ad Hoc Support 

Ad Hoc Support – You can select individual elements from the service menu. 

d) Psychometric Testing 

Psychometric testing is a separate standalone offering. 

Next Steps 

If you would like to discuss your recruitment needs and see how we can help, please contact 
Caroline at caroline@pembrokealliance.com, 086 8522140. 

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