Green Programmes 

Green Programmes 

At Pembroke Alliance we offer Green Programmes to our clients supported by government and our own strong team of Green Specialists in areas such as energy management, energy audits, cost reduction and energy planning for new capital projects. 

Our team of Green Specialist will assist in securing the right Grant for your business: 

Climate Action Voucher 
Eligible Projects must include one or more of the following activities; 
Resource Efficiency Assessment 
Renewable Energy Potential 
Introduction to Corporate Sustainability 
Introduction to Circular Economy Thinking 
This grant supports the cost of a consultant coming into a company for up to 7 days to help embed environmental best practices through a structured system, provide training/awareness, help identify and undertake a cost saving project. 
This grant supports the costs of a consultant and an internal 'environmental champion' to develop the capability within the company to install and manage environmental standards such as ISO 14001 and ISO 50001. 
EMS (Energy Management Solutions) 
The concept behind an Energy Management System is to capture the main energy / power users’ & fuel including the incoming main supply, compressed air, extraction, oil, gas and water etc. to establish a baseline and base-load. It is also equally important once identified to manage each energy area in terms of usage and cost which is the function of 24 hour monitoring. 
Energy Audits 
An important element of an energy management system is an accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the current energy consumption patterns on a site. An energy audit is a practical and valuable way to establish this information and also to identify energy saving opportunities. 
Sustainable Energy Planning  
Sustainable Energy Planning process checks if it has been carried out rigorously, without any bias and that it furthers the aims of sustainable development within your company. We also look to access grant supports in this evolving area. 

Green Supports 

Climate Action Voucher 
Max Project Cost 
up to €100,000 
Grant available 
up to 50% 
Eligible Costs 
2 days technical/advisory 
7 days training/advice 
Training & course costs 
Up to 3 Internal Champions 
Eligible Companies 
HPSU’s, SME’s & Large 
Eligible HPSU’s, SME’s & Large 
SME’s & Large 
EU State Aid Basis 
De Minimis Aid Guidelines 
De Minimis Aid Guidelines 
GBER (Training Aid) 
Assignment Period 
Over 6 weeks  
Over 3 – 6 months 
Over 12 months 
Final Claim Date 
- from the letter of offer date 
6 months 
12 months 
18 months 
Max Project Approvals 
Except where > 1 operation/location, 
Max of 3 

Benefits of Participating 

Improved resource efficiency (e.g. energy, water and materials) 
Increased cost savings 
Improved corporate image 
Reduced carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions 
Increased resilience to climate change impacts 
Green opportunity and circular economy 

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