Financial Health Check 

What does a Financial Health Check involve? 

A quick, simple, inexpensive process to ensure you are getting the best value on the market for new or existing loans and leases. 

Why does my business need a Financial Health Check? 

Lower interest rate 
Best available terms 
Save money 
Click on the link below and we’ll conduct a free assessment 

Why a Financial Health Check is a good idea 

Rates available to businesses today from banks and finance companies may have dropped significantly since the loan was originally put in place. This is particularly true of loans put in place during the recession. 
We have a vast network of contacts across the market to assess the best available rate and terms. 
Not committed to any one bank or finance company. 
We offer a solution that best fits your business. 

How does it work? 

Provide us with a copy of your loan and/or lease agreements and statements. 
We check interest rates, loan terms and conditions. 
If your agreements are all in order we’ll explain why, and you can be satisfied in this knowledge. 
If you can do better on rates and terms, we’ll negotiate for you. 
If a new agreement is put in place, we can do all the hard work for you including liaising with the bank, solicitors or valuers. 

Free Financial Health Assessment 

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